Friday, September 08, 2006

Our New Lawyer

Chris graduated Law school in May and we are SOOO proud of him. He is now enjoying being out of school and finally practicing.

Our Fashionista

Madison was asked to be in the Parisian's Fashion Show for their back-to-school fashions. She loved walking down the runway so much that as soon as she was done she asked when she could do it again! I thought of becoming a pagaent mom, but quickly dismissed the idea.

Madison Starts Preschool

Here is Madison leaving for her first day of preschool. She loves going to school and learning and making new friends.

Oh, the Beach

Madison had fun with Uncle Willy in the sand.

Momma & Madison got a little sun.

We went to the beach with Chris' famly over Labor Day and had a great time. Madison just loved being in the water whether it was the ocean or the pool. Chris loved catching up on his sleep. I loved wearing my new maternity bathing suit!:) We ate some good seafood and enjoyed the weather not as blasted hot as usual.

We're having a BABY!

To share our most exciting news--we are having a Baby! And it's a BOY! We can not begin to say how elated we are that Madison is FINALLY going to get a sibling. We found out yesterday that it will be a boy-much to Madison's disappointment because she wanted a sister. She is beginning to come to terms with the reality after much crying and saying "I don't want a brother!". She has realized all of the things that she can teach him like how to get dressed, how to eat with a fork and especially the Pledge of Allegance (she learned it in school and recites it daily). We are now just hoping that our house is finished being built by the time the baby comes the beginning of February.

A Blogger At Last

Yep, I've been roped into the blogging world...But only to keep up with my wonderful friends. I just love looking at other people's blogs and seeing what they are up to. This blog will unfortunately, not be very interesting because we don't have much interesting to write about. In any case, our family has fun together and I will thoroughly enjoy writing about the people I love.