Monday, January 28, 2008

Jack loves to play with his daddy! He can't wait for him to come home and ruff him up.
Dad and Jack ready for church. Dad's in his "uniform" as Madison calls it because he wears a suit to work everyday. So if he has on a suit and she doesn't think he's supposed to be going to work that day, then she asks why he has his "uniform" on.
Big Momma and Madison. I feel like I'm about to pop, but still have 2 more weeks!
Jack loves to jump around in Kate's crib. Madison and I made the letters for Kate's wall on Saturday. Thanks to my wonderful and talented friend Caroline who gave me the idea. Madison was jealous that Kate's turned out so cute that she is getting some for her room too.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yeah, an Update!!

Wow, so our computer has decided to let me upload pictures again (after over a year)! I decided to try again since we will be adding yet another little person to the family here soon. We are busy getting ready for the 24-hour chaos that our house will be in for the next several months, if not years. More pictures to come...