Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kiki & Chase come to Visit

Jack had fun playing with Chase. He loves to be silly and laugh. He make us laugh with his crazy smile.
Kiki And Kate looked so cute with their matching outfits.
Kiki and Chase getting lots of practice with parenting. However, I recommend one at a time (and not spaced a year apart)! All the kids love to have them over.
Jack loves to play Chris' harmonica. He thinks it is so funny that it makes noise if he just breathes into it. He also likes to climb in his chair and make it rock back and forth standing up. It about gives me a heart-attack because it's right by the tile on the fireplace.

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Caroline said...

What a great aunt and uncle! Kiki probably wants to wait a while to have kids after your shopping trip! HAHA!